50 Classics Photographers
14 Conversations with Ski Mountaineers
50 Classics Photographers
50 Classics Photographers

The imagery you will enjoy in our book is the result of literally thousands of of miles of human powered exploration in the mountains over many hundreds of days. We chose the 55 photographers simply because they were the best and the most talented in difficult conditions and all have an amazing eye for the core alpine aesthetic. We thank them. If you like what you see contact them for a signed print:

Abegg, Steph        sites.google.com/site/stephabegg/home
Ankeny, Chris        chrisankeny.com
Barker,Adam         adambarkerphotography.com
Beidleman, Neal        nealb@rof.net
Bracken, James        shredgarr@hotmail.com
Burrows, Art        aburrows@ajaxdesign.com
Chin, Jimmy             jimmychin.com
Clark, Adam         adamclarkphoto.com
Costain, Pete        costain@centurytel.net
Davenport, Chris         steepskiing.com
Dawson, Lou        wildsnow.com
Devore, Nick        nicholasdevore@gmail.com
Diaz, Cindy            cindydiaz.com
Erickson, Kristoffer    kristoffererickson.com
Franson, Greg        bluebirdguides.com
Figenshau, Chris        figenshau.com
Flagg, Keoki            gallerykeoki.com
Focus Photo            eric.focus@bresnan.net
Fyans, Clark            clarkski3@gmail.com
Glick, Lorne            lornglick@gmail.com
Hallman, Richard        richard@freelanceimaging.com
Hazen, Bissel        bissellhazen.com
Hill, Greg            greghill.ca
Homberger, Ruedi        fotohomberger.ch
Jesperson, Matt         mjesperson@mac.com
Jungen, Troy            Troyjungen@uniserve.com        
Korvola, Heath         heathkorvola.com
Leidecker, Matt        mattlphoto.com
Mahon, Ted            tedmahon.com
Mallory, Linden        linden.mallory@gmail.com
Manley, Jordan        jordan.manley.com
Markewitz, Scott        scottmarkewitz.com
McLean, Andrew        straightchuter.com
Newhard, Penn        backbonemedia.net
Ogden, Jared         jaredogden.com
Olson, Jennifer        jen@jenolson.ca
Pehota, Eric            ericpehota@shaw.ca
Pondella, Christian    christianpondella.com
Post, Brian            brianpostphoto.com
Quinn, Kevin        alaskaheliski.com
Richardson, Whit        whitrichardson.com
Scott, Chic            chicscott.com
Scurlock, John        mountainphotographer.com/john-scurlock
Selkowitz, Jonathan    selkophoto.com
Skoog, Carl            alpenglow.org
Skoog, Lowell        alpenglow.org
Sprieceniks, Ptor        skiherenow@yahoo.com
Stoecklein, Drew        drsphoto.net
Synnott, Mark        marksynnott.com
Walsh, Jon            alpinestyle.ca
Washburn, Brad        decaneasarchive.com
Werme, John         dwerme@gmail.com
Wexler, Andrew        globalalpine.com
Wigley, Alex            skitheory.blogspot.com
Wissman, Will        willwissman.com

14 Conversations with Ski Mountaineers
14 Conversations with Ski Mountaineers

Because of the extraordinary geographic scope of 50 Classics we asked 14 friends to contribute with 14 unique perspectives.  Our contributors describe each unique and vast region to define the key lines, tours, successes and sometimes failures, the anticipation, fear and in many instances, the first remarkable descents. They are all superbly skilled, well traveled and we are most grateful for their contribution to the knowledge base as well as for their will to go further than anyone else had before them.  They include;

Hilaree O'Neill

Chris Davenport

Lou Dawson

Andrew McLean

Jimmy Chin

Pete Patterson

Kristoffer Erickson

Glen Plake

Lowell Skoog

Mark Synnott

Ptor Spricenieks

Greg Hill

Kevin Quinn

Eric Pehota